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DNB Previous Questions

This is a collection of theory topics based on which questions were asked in the recently conducted NBE examinations

Paper 1

1. Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction and effects of anesthesia
2. Enumerate measure to prevent atelectasis in anesthesia
3. Local anesthesia mechanism of action
4. Train of four monitoring
5. Additives used in local anesthesia
6. Oxygen concentrator
7. Cerebral auto regulation
8. Effects of inhalation agents in cerebral auto regulation 
9. WTG Morton
10. PEFR and significance 
11. Cardiovascular system changes in pregnancy
12. Respiratory system changes in neonates
13. Respiratory system changes in elderly
14. Arterial Oxygen content and how to measure it
15. RCT
17. With the help of diagram, functional analysis of self inflating bag
18. Opiate receptors
19. Consent in anesthesia
20. Desflurane vaporiser

Paper 2

1. Pre operative evaluation of 55 year old post covid patient for laparoscopic cholecystectomy 
2. Hepatorenal syndrome
3. Management of unanticipated difficult airway in a pregnant patient posted for emergency LSCS for fetal distress
4. Rapid sequence spinal anesthesia
5. Myasthenic crisis
6. Define acute renal failure
7. Peri-oeorative renal protective startegies
8. Pre operaitve evaluation and optimisation of morbidly obese patient for gastric bypass surgery
9. Post operative analgesic plan for radical mastectomy patient
10. Pathophysiology of lung involvement in COVID 19. What type of respiratory failure is seen in such patients?
11. Causes and management of intraoperative hypertension of a preoperatively normotensive patient
12. 70 year old chronic smoker hypertensive 10 year for total hip replacement 
13. Diagnosis and management of TURP syndrome
14. Inpatient and outpatient discharge criteria for spinal anesthesia
15. Causes of delayed recovery from anesthesia
16. Massive blood transfusion and its compilations
17. Diabetic ketoacidosis management 
18. Adductor canal block
19. Anesthesia in MRI suite

Paper 3

1. Anemia in pregnancy
2. Anaesthetic consideration for a pregnant patient with anemia
3. Intubation difficulty score
4. Diagnosis and management of amniotic fluid embolism
5. Anaesthetic considerations of a neonate for tracheo esophageal fistula
6. Application of TEE in cardiac Anesthesia
7. Pathophysiology in mitral stenosis
8. Anaesthetic management of 30 year old patient with severe mitral stenosis for emergency appendectomy
9. Post operative cognitive dysfunction
10. ACLS protocol for management of ventricular fibrillation
11. Management of post thoracotomy pain
12. Role of ECMO in COVID
13. Anaesthesia for modified ECT
14. What is GCS? Clinical relevance
15. Resuscitation of a collapsed 25 year old pregnant female with post partum haemorrhage
16. Management of flail Chest 
17. Define sepsis? What is qSOFA? Clinical relevance
18. Universal precautions in anaesthesia 
19. Anesthesia and neruo physiological spinal cord monitoring
20. Inferior vena cava collapsibility index

Paper 4

1. Role of ultrasonography of neck vessels in anesthesia
2. Diagnosis of brain death
3. With the help of diagram, discuss ultrasound guided erector spinae block
4. What is BIS? clinical importance
5. Lung protective strategies in ARDS
6. Metabolic flow anesthesia
7. Levosimendan
8. Microcuff pediatric endotracheal tube
9. Recent anti coagulation guidelines in regional anesthesia
10. Role of remifentanyl in labour analgesia
11. Importance of blood substitutes 
12. Role of TPN in ICU
13. Pain assessment in infants
14. VAP bundle in ICU
15. Frailty score
16. Pros and cons of HFNO in COVID era
17. Role of telemedicine in anesthesia
18. Enumerate various videolaryngoscopes. Advantages and disadvantages of channeled video laryngoscopes 
19. P/D ratio and it’s importance 
20. Aladin cassette

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