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AnesthesiaTOOLS: YouTube channel

Updates from YouTube channel - AnesthesiaTOOLS.

Difficult airway algorithm for ICU

How to quickly evaluate airway in ICU/Emergency Department? Review of the All India Difficult Airway Association algorithm for Difficult Airway management. Key strategic decision making steps including decision for front-of-neck-access are included.


E-learning In Anesthesia

Lecture on e-learning in anesthesia. #ICACON2019


ETT cuff pressure monitoring

Cuff pressure manometer - uses and clinical applications.


Exploring Epidural Anesthesia/Analgesia

Part 1 of the video tutorial series regarding epidural anesthesia/analgesia. This episode deals with history of epidural anesthesia and anatomy of epidural space.


Exploring epidural - Part 2

Part 2 of series "exploring Epidural", deals with epidural negative pressure and epidural needle.


Exploring epidural - Part 3

Topics: Identifying epidural space & epidural test doses


How to mount cylinder in Anesthesia machine

A 5 step approach to mounting a cylinder in the anesthesia machine is described.


Pressure regulators: What, Why and Where?

Detailed description supported by animations to explain anesthesia machine pressure regulators.

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