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From the Editor's Desk

Review in Clinical Anesthesiology for Postgraduates has been my long-cherished dream ever since I finished my MD in Anesthesiology. The first edition was well-received. The contents featured in this website will be peer-reviewed and updated very soon. New topics also will be added, keeping in mind my junior colleagues. 

Meanwhile, I started my YouTube channel with video lectures/demonstrations and discussions. With audio-visual illustrations, add-on features and facility to update the contents, I think the new-age medium can be utilized for the interaction through a website. That is the idea behind hosting this website. This also offers the option of the end-users to post their feedback so that I can tailor the contents for better academic use.

I have added a section on clinical skills, which are essential for day-today practice and well as for Board examinations. At present, eternal links are given for video demonstrations. Very soon, I shall upload videos for clinical examinations, tailored for anesthesia residents.

My blogs here will feature topics of interest. I shall also incorporate guest blogs from senior faculty in the specialty. These blogs will also help the residents in anesthesiology and critical care to prepare for theory examination.

The website also hosts a section for anesthesia technicians/nurses. The added teaching materials can help them revise their knowledge, refine clinical skills and prepare for their qualifying examinations.

Your support is invaluable in terms of the encouragement, feedback and you can contribute quality academic content as well. 

Together, we can achieve more....

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