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One-stop Collection of Resources in Anesthesia

Anesthesia, as a specialty, has been evolving since its inception. The understanding of the basic principles and key skill sets require persistent effort. Senior consultants and the newly joined residents should be enjoying discussing various advancements and subtle variations in the scientific interpretations.

This website will feature anesthesia related topics from different perspectives in various modes including videos and blog discussions. 

You can make a difference by your suggestions or inputs.

Review Anesth San ICO.png

Review in Clinical Anesthesiology for Post-graduates

Free, Peer-reviewed

Online edition


Academic Programs

Details of CMEs, Workshops and Interactive Programs

San Blog.png

Blogs on various interesting topics in Anesthesia and Critical Care 


My YouTube channel with lecture/demonstration videos


Skills in Anesthesia

Training videos and background information, including recent advances

Anesth technicians book.png

Anesthesia Nurses

A Textbook of Anesthesiology for Technicians

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Anesthesia Workstation

Details on Anesthesia workstation and equipment

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